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Discover Our College

Sinha Health Foundation Pvt. Ltd. cultivate a home environment learning- centered, research-oriented skill based education that encourages individuals to make productive life for contributing to national and global health. We prepare highly knowledgeable and skilled professional nursing manpower to provide compassionate holistic patient care, and inspire our students through innovative problem-based learning, rich experiential curricula and inter-professional collaboration.

What we offer?

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc Nursing)
Total intake:20 Duration:4Years
Session Started: Shrawan/ Bhadra

•Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBBN)
Total intake:40 Duration:3Years
Session Started: Shrawan/ Bhadra

Affiliation and Recognition
• Purbanchal University
• Recognized by Nepal Nursing Council.


The ultimate aim of this college is to produce highly qualified clinical graduates and subsequently to promote the quality of care and services as well as research excellence in a free and scholastic environment in Nepal.


Advancing the science and practice of nursing improves the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations within the common wealth, the nation, and the world. Education is a lifelong process beginning with undergraduate studies, continuing through graduate studies, and encompassing continuing education for professional development.

A strong educational foundation enables nurses to conduct evidence-based practice, engage in scholarly activities, and translate knowledge in health sciences and healthcare to improve healthcare delivery to all human beings and by providing a diverse and global perspective and raising the professional and social conscience of our students, they will become health care leaders.


To make healthy people, to have a healthy nation, our mission is topromote health and wellbeing through excellence in nursing education, research, practice and service while fostering diversity and inclusion.


SHF’s vision is to develop leader in nursing and health care whose action, discoveries and voices strengthen and advance the health of individuals and communities worldwide.

We make a difference

We are committed to applying the principles of Health Education in our programs. We are continue to
strive to give our students every opportunity to achieve the highest educational potential within their
chosen careerpath.

· Provincial hospital,Janakpurdham
· Janaki Eye Hospital,Janakpurdham
· District Public Health Office,Janakpurdham
· Primary Health Centre under District Public Health Office,Janakpurdham
· Trauma Centre,Kathmandu

· Tranquility Mental Hospital,Khumaltar,Kathmandu
· Sahid Ganga Lal Heart Centre, Bansbari,Kathmandu
· Bhaktpur Cancer Hospital,Bhaktapur

Further Study Career
· MN /M.Sc Nursing in various Speciality(Med/Surg, Pediatric, Mental, Community &OBG)
· Master in Nurse Practioner
· Master in PublicHealth
· Master in Basic Science ( Biochemistry, Physiology,Anatomy)
· Master in HealthAdministration
· Master in Health CareManagement
· M.Ed inHealth
· M.A inSociology/Anthropolgy

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