Message from Mrs Poonam Shah (Principal)

It is the matter of pride to be health professional and work in an institution to produce more skilled and advanced nurses as the assets for the nation. In present millennium the nurses have to face with the challenges of advancing technology, informatics system, modern demands and development thus, we expect our students to be equipped with updated knowledge, skills and the right attitude to meet the professional’s demands of our society. We give our 100% to make our students capable to stand in today’s challenging world.

My special message to my students who choose nursing as a profession which require scientific knowledge, logical thinking and compassion in caring of patients at various healthcare setting is that they need to be very patience with their study and profession. It is a noble profession which will not help you alone but in fact these skills will help your family members and community at large. Your timely decision and nursing intervention would help to save a precious life of many.

SHF is an institution that aims to train nurses as leaders for healthcare in Nepal. The team is always ready to help you with your study and problems at any hours of day or night. I personally admit to provide you the best academic learning and professionalism through your study.
Welcome you all!!